Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, Right: Our Refrigerator Died Last Year

This household now has a new dishwasher. It looks pretty good and, much more to the point: it works. As I wrote yesterday, we don't really need a dishwasher - but having one sure frees up a lot of time.

I missed something in that list of big household expenses we've had recently.

When the old refrigerator gave out last august we decided that we were spending more on repairs than it would take to get a new one. I think we were right, but getting the thing was a little more complicated than we expected.

The way the kitchen is designed, the only practical spot for the refrigerator is between a counter and the chimney. There's exactly so many inches of space available, and no more. A technician measured the opening, (accurately) recorded the numbers, and sent them through the system.

I have no idea what happened after that, but when the new unit came, a couple guys snaked it in through a door and two doorways - and found out that it was just a fraction of an inch too big for the opening.

We could have torn out part of the wall that's around the chimney, or pulled part of the kitchen counter apart.

It seemed like a better idea to have the supplier try again.

Out went the slightly-oversize fridge, over the same cramped route. Time passed, punctuated with phone calls. As I recall, the discussions were mostly about the measurements the tech had taken - and how inexplicable it was that the unit was just a little too big.

Another, and slightly smaller, refrigerator came - and fit in the opening. Even better, it works! And, I trust, will continue to do so for some time.

That list of major household expenses over the last year, revised, is now a new

  • Street
  • Refrigerator
  • Van
  • Dishwasher
The van won't be 'new,' of course - our budget will let us have a used vehicle, several years old. And the street isn't exactly 'new' either: just the paving; curbs; sewer, water and gas lines; and about the first fifteen feet or so of soil.

Just on that score, 2008-2009 has been an interesting time for this family.

Again, the dishwasher works: Good news, since that gives me more time to work.

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