Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday: A 3/4 Full House, Plus One Rabbit

It's been a warm day: temperature is still in the fifties, at a quarter to 7. #1 daughter arrived yesterday, to stay for a few days. It's spring break, so she won't have classes for a while. And, she brought her rabbit, Giol, with her.

My son decided it would be fun to take Giol for a walk today. The idea was basically sound, but he hadn't taken into account the melting snow. It's hard to find a place outside that isn't either damp or downright wet. Giol didn't do much walking. Mostly, he shook water from his paws, or was held by my son. The latter had two pair of wet rabbit prints on his shirt when he came in: a larger set by his waist, a smaller set farther up.

#1 daughter finished a talk with #2 daughter on the phone. #2 daughter is still in Louisiana, giving music lessons and getting to know her in-laws-to-be.

Those of us here watched a Time Tunnel episode (the old sixties series, on a DVD now). That was fun. I'm not entirely sure what my wife, son, and #3 daughter are doing in the living room right now: but they're laughing at intervals, so whatever it is, the seem to be having a good time.

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