Monday, November 2, 2009

Son-in-Law's Birthday

Another day of "October's bright blue weather" - in November - and I stayed in all day. On the up side, I got the day's tasks done - with time left over to enjoy #2 daughter and my new son-in-law. And their dog, Sprocket: a somewhat over-bred and quite friendly English Sheepdog.

It's his birthday, today, so we threw a (very) little party for him: a cake with candles, the 'happy birthday' song, and a few presents. Then we talked about his video equipment, and watched the New Orleans Saints' game.

I bowed out of the game a bit early, which explains those completed tasks.

It was good to see those two. They're passing through, on their way to a tour of the eastern third of the country: filming a documentary of some sort.

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