Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent, the Furnace Guy, and Beautiful Weather

My wife called "the furnace guy" today. Good thing, too, since he found out that we had a bad generator down there. And, was able to find a replacement part by early afternoon.

I stayed in, missing the Ash Wednesday Mass at Our Lady of the Angels church. I'm not exactly sick: but I'm not exactly well, either. I'm giving my body a chance to sort out whatever's going on, with as little additional stress as possible.

More than twenty years ago, I felt ill and went to work anyway. And as a result missed something like a month of work and classes. I'm not making that mistake again, God willing.

Other mistakes? Yes. That one, not so much.

The day is one of those Minnesota Tourism moments: bright blue sky, sunshine sparkling of the snow. Beautiful. And strangely warm: around the freezing point.

This is Minnesota: the weather will change.

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