Monday, May 17, 2010

For Once, I Feel Great About Monday

I had some sort of bug - or maybe problems with allergies - or something - last week. Whatever was going on, it seems to be pretty much over. For which I'm duly grateful.

To celebrate, sort of, I 'bicycled' for three minutes short of an hour this morning, using the family's Wii Fit2 software. That was fun - and reasonably good exercise.

My son-in-law called: His company's documentary is moving along, and we've got the script to read and nit-pick. That would be #3 daughter and me. We've both got writing experience - and at this stage it's a good idea to get feedback and (maybe) identify rough spots that need smoothing.

He's also put in a big weekend in the yard. The chicken coop is up - apart from the final roof. #2 daughter picked her husband up with the tractor's scoop, and lifted him about a dozen feet up, to get some trees trimmed. I wish I'd seen that.

Here in Sauk Centre, we've now finished replacing most of the plumbing fixtures. That's a long-overdue project I'm glad to see done. #1 daughter tells me that colors of the old bathtub with its tile, and the toilet don't work with the cheery new green paint on the walls. She's probably right - she's now graduated from the commercial art program at Alex Tech.

Which reminds me: #1 daughter graduated Friday.

I'll get back to that, another time. Right now, there's nearly a week's worth of backlog to take care of.

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