Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July: Time to Catch Up. Again

I've got three days to catch up on now, I see.

For some reason, time seems to have been in 'fast forward' for me this week.

Wednesday was fairly routine: my wife and #3 daughter went over to the Sauk Centre Grandpa in the morning, and to #3 daughter's guitar lesson in the afternoon. That left my son and me with the house to ourselves.

He's still very excited about the Bionicles website upgrade, and spent some time telling me about it. I understand his excitement and enthusiasm, but not the details he relates. I can't remember much about what he said, except that the site is new, and cool.

Thursday afternoon, #2 daughter arrived while I was at Fitness Guru. She's here for the weekend. And, she talked with me for much of the evening, while my wife, son, and #3 daughter were at Soo Bahk Do.

#3 daughter has finished C. S. Lewis' "That Hideous Strength," and we discussed that book, music, history, ethnology, and what it takes to clean a building, among other things. That was a good time.

#1 daughter had called earlier that day, and I'd had a pretty good talk with her, too.

The Ash Street Project is still churning up the street in front of the house. I've lost track of how many times the street's been dug up, filled in, and dug up again. They're definitely making progress: we've got new fire hydrants now, as well as what's been replaced below ground.

And, there are big blocks of rock on the berm, south of us. I'm told that there is a stone ridge - granite, I think - roughly under the Lake Wobegon Trail.

Which brings me up to today.

There's no heavy equipment running outside: the crews get Independence Day off, happily.

#3 and #2 daughters have been talking for much of the day, my son's been going outside to enjoy the day, and those three and my wife tried to go bowling.

They would have, too, if the lanes had been open. My wife says she'll try another time, when #2 daughter is here.

I had another talk with #1 daughter, on the phone, this morning. She may be coming over tomorrow.

I didn't time it, but I think that, between #1 daughter and #2 daughter, I've spent about 6 of the last 24 hours, talking with one or another of my kids. And that doesn't count the comments that pass back and forth between me and my son as the day goes by.

Life is good.


Brigid said...

#1 and #1? How many #1s are there?

I thought I was the only #1!

(Last paragraph.)

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...



Thanks for catching that. Fixed it.

And no, thank goodness, you're not twins. ;)

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