Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday: no, Monday - Tuesday, Already!?

Last week whizzed past.

Actually, the month has felt like it was in 'fast forward.'

I haven't gotten all that much done, but seemed to be taking all day doing it.

My wife and #3 daughter came home from their weekend working vacation Sunday evening: and were sincerely welcomed by the two guys they left behind. I think my wife was pleased - maybe surprised - that we'd done such an adequate job of keeping the household looking fairly unchanged.

We'd even done the dishes!

The ladies had, in collaboration with one of the cousins, cut - and in #3 daughter's case, straightened - their hair. With good results, I'd say.

Today I applied for a job at a local business. They're getting to the time of year when their reliable college students will be going back to school - which means opportunities for me.

After that, my son and I drove to Alexandria to pick up his computer. The process of getting it ready had run a bit over-time, so he and I were forced to spend about an hour in the computer store and repair shop.

I can't say that either of us minded. At all. As my son put it, quoting what I've said on similar occasions, "I want one of everything."

The computer was almost fixed - all it required was an (unexpected) bit of product code that was back home. So, into the van with the computer and us, and back to Sauk Centre for a late supper.

My wife and #3 daughter left a few minutes after we got back. Nothing to do with us: one of our sister-in-laws and her kids were over at the Sauk Centre grandpa's - he was going to be out for a while, so our ladies went over to visit.

That turned out to be a good idea. #3 daughter got on famously with the youngsters, one of whom is about three years old. I very much like the way this family gets together, and gets along, so well.

My son's computer is another matter. We may have to take it back to Alex. My guess is that there's something wrong with the update disk we have. I'll be calling the computer store tomorrow, to see if we can get this worked out over the phone. About the disk? I could be wrong.

My son isn't very happy about the situation with his computer, but he's taking it pretty well. A sympathetic dad helps, I think.

My son and I read Garfield again tonight, a fine tradition.

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