Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Damp and Dreary Wednesday, With Bright Spots Indoors

My wife, son, and #3 daughter, are playing "Cue Me" in the living room. I've been "networking" - a fancy word for touching base in an online community and mentioning blog posts I've written and projects I'm working on. It does seem to have benefits: besides being a social activity.

I've started making 3D models for a graphics project I'm calling "Galaxy Cadet" for now. #1 daughter says it's a good enough name to use when it's published. She may be right about that.

And, I've written about dinosaurs and the swine flu - for different posts, of course. I looked at what I've made online over the last month or so: and it's still not enough to run a household on. But, it's a lot closer than it was last year at this time. I'm learning - and more people have discovered what I do.

It's been a gray, dripping day here: I'm planning on turning in early, right after I read Garfield with my son.

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