Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday: The Family Mother's Day Get-Together and Hummingbirds

My wife, #3 daughter, and son are on their way to a Mother's Day get-together with family. I'm here, getting some work done: and getting over a minor but annoying bug of some sort. #1 daughter is up in Alex, getting a major cleaning job done in her apartment. There's some sort of inspection coming up.

Yesterday my wife and #3 daughter went to some rummage sales. #3 daughter came back with a new-to-her outfit: total cost more than a dollar: but not by much. The (shell, I think it's called) cost 25¢. The big-ticket item in that wardrobe assemblage was the shoes: I'm told they were a little over a dollar.

I see by the calendar - and the temperatures - that it's time for me to wash out the hummingbird feeder and get it set up. The post is still up from last year: it's a metal rod shaped roughly like a shepherd's crook. I may take as much time looking up the proper sugar/water ratio as I do washing the feeder out.

Which is my que to get back to work.

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