Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Cherry Tree, a Family, Birds and Bugs

Quite a few years ago, we planted a cherry tree. They're attractive, and we like cherries.

The first year, the tree blossomed, and a few cherries appeared around mid-summer. And were promptly sampled by birds. And bugs.

The next year, it was the same story.

And the next.

We've tried covering the tree in netting, but mostly succeeded in bending the tree's branches. I think we managed to break one.

The netting was a mish-mash of pieces of an old picnic tent we'd found in a shed. The tree and netting looked a bit like the modern art I grew up with. That, or a accident involving an upholsterer's delivery truck.

This year, we got a reasonable harvest from that tree. Two, actually.

At the rate the kids are eating these, they won't last long.

Even after two trips to the tree, there's enough for the birds and bugs. And us, if we're quick enough about it.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

Hello:) Those cherries look yummy! Too bad can't grow cherries in Malaysia... too hot!

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