Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Move Over Paris, Here Comes Lindsay

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is due for a third appointment at one of the better "rehab" spots: tears optional.

Just because she was chasing another vehicle in her SUV, with booze in her blood and snow in her pocket.

The real story, I think, is that the anklet that was supposed to check on her sobriety doesn't seem to have worked quite as well as hoped. In fact, the company that monitors the bracelet was surprised to learn that she had been arrested.

It is, of course, a sad day when one of this nation's leading citizens gets arrested for DUI and cocaine possession. Again.

Ms. Lohan apparently was chasing another vehicle in her SUV when authorities pulled her over and discovered that she wasn't driving so much as flying. To be fair, it's possible that she was in an enthusiastic caravan, headed from one party to another: although a interview with a police officer indicates that the lead vehicle called police for help, indicating that an unknown vehicle was chasing the lead vehicle. Also, that Ms. Lohan and the lead vehicle's driver were in a headed argument when police arrived.

It is an even sadder thought that Ms. Lohan, Ms. Hilton, Mr. Vick, and Mr. Kobe Bryant in fact are considered to be among this nation's leading citizens.

It's only a few hours after Ms. Lohan's arrest: I suspect that it will be a little later today, when commentators start discussing how disturbing it is when a role model and example for so many young people has exhibited behavior which may not be entirely appropriate.

Maybe this is bragging, but when I asked some of my kids whether Paris Hilton was a role model, I got very odd looks before being told what a dumb question it was.

I'm told that Lindsay Lohan has a decent singing voice, and has made recordings. At the very least, I hope she considers what booze and drugs are likely to do to her vocal cords.

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