Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sinclair Lewis Days Parade

It takes a little over an hour to go by, it happens every year, and I enjoy it every time.

The Sinclair Lewis Days Parade is one of the events that wraps up Sauk Centre's Sinclair Lewis Days. There's a street dance, too, downtown, and the First Lutheran Church Pie Social: both kicked off about 45 minutes ago, if they were on schedule.

All in all, quite a celebration.

There's more at the Sauk Centre Chamber of Commerce website, on their Sinclair Lewis Days page.

The streets, around here anyway, are lined with folks: about one every for or five feet, on average, I'd say. What's amazing is how little litter is left afterward. This year there was less than usual.

My camera's stopped downloading video from the parade, so I'd better start working on that.

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