Friday, July 20, 2007

Why Does Sunburn Itch? A Burning Question

Barely conscious of an itch between my right cheek and eye this morning, extended a finger and itched it.

I was immediately reminded that I'd picked up a sunburn yesterday afternoon.

It could have been worse: The top of my head required oiling last night.

I've felt like the inside of my head needed lubrication from time to time, not so often with the outside.

Charlie Company came home yesterday, a little after noon. There was a not-exactly-brief ceremony at the fairgrounds. A grandstand-full of folks from around here got their soldiers back, and I got the top of my head zapped.

The hour or so wasn't a total loss: I learned that wearing a hat might be a good idea, and got about a half-hour of could-be-worse video.

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