Saturday, June 6, 2009

About a Wedding, Burgers, a Movie, a Rabbit, and Rain

For most of Friday, My wife had the kitchen table covered with fabric, pieces of a pattern, and pins. She's making #2 daughter's wedding dress. Normally, making a dress like that doesn't take three months: but my wife's going to be doing other things too.

I can already sense a heightened level of excitement about the upcoming wedding. It's going to be interesting, seeing what happens as September 5 approaches. My plan is to stay discretely out of the way.

My son-in-law-to-be called. Several times. Quite often, actually. It was charming: but also a bit monotonous for those of us who were answering the phone.

#1 daughter went to a combination training and recruitment session. She was the only one to show up, besides the team leader. The two of them went from St. Cloud, down to Monticello, where they handed out leaflets to high school seniors who might be looking for a job. Then, it was back to Sauk Centre for #1 daughter. By then, she was quite willing to call it a day.

My son missed "Up." He and #1 daughter were going to go together (her treat). He took the setback quite well.

Saturday: It's been a gray day. Happily, it didn't start raining until just before I finished grilling burgers for lunch. The rain lasted most of the rest of the afternoon. My wife took advantage of the chilly weather, and baked more bread. She's stocking up, while the weather is favorable.

The brother-in-law of mine who had been up at the farm, fixing the place up, called. It's been raining there, too, so the painting will have to wait. He's taken care of just about every other fix-up there is to do, so he'll be getting back to his family, by way of South Dakota. I'm not entirely sure what he'll be doing there: quite likely found short-term employment of some sort. He's got a rather wide range of marketable skills.

I got the usual research and writing done - today's the 25th anniversary of the Tetris video game, so my writing was a trifle more focused than it usually is.

Supper, washing dishes, and prayer followed. The family had a good time with Giol, #1 daughter's rabbit. They discovered that he'd nibble and hop his way along the floor, with a cardboard box over him. He seemed quite pleased with the situation: Partly, I think, because he could see, and stick his nose through a hole in the box. My son was taking a video of the result: I hope it turns out.

#1 daughter and my son went downtown to see "Up," the new Disney movie, after prayers. They came back a few minutes ago, in high spirits. The local theater has equipment for the 3D version of the movie, and apparently it's visually spectacular. And, has a quite good story, too. My son said he'd probably have insomnia tonight, since he was quite excited about the movie.

I'll wait for the DVD version to make it to the Public Library's collection. Which is a bit frustrating for #1 daughter, since that means she can't talk very much about the movie with me: not about specific details, that is.

I don't think she'll have to wait long: not "long" by my standards, anyway.

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