Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday: A Rabbit's Play Date, Two Sheep and Two Dogs, a Doctor's Appointment, and Clear Sky

It's been a pretty good day. Beautiful weather: almost entirely clear blue sky.

Jake, my brother-in-law's bloodhound

One of my brothers-in-law came by this morning with two sheep and a bloodhound. He and my son-in-law to be, and Sprocket, will be spending some time up in the Red River Valley, near Hillsboro. My brother-in-law's going to be fixing the place up: nothing major, but there are a few repairs to be made.

The sheep should take care of lawn mowing while they're there: although I've heard that their grazing is hard on grass. We'll see how that turns out. Sprocket will have some company, at any rate, with Jake around. Those two hit it off pretty well.

Aside from researching and writing posts, I touched base with a doctor about some of my medications. Good news, I'm doing fine. Even my blood pressure is inside normal limits.

#1 daughter took her rabbit, Giol, to friends for a 'play date' with their rabbit, Charlie. The two go along quite well, I'm told, after they sorted out who was the boss rabbit. After that, they had a fine time. Actually, hearing #1 daughter's description, they probably enjoyed the negotiation tussle. I gather that Charlie was the boss rabbit.

#1 daughter made another sale today, and is setting up more visits while I'm writing this. The sun has set, my wife, my son, #3 daughter and #2 daughter are playing some game in the living room. Me? I'm going to lean back and relax for a few minutes, before praying, reading Garfield and singing with my son.

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