Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday: Father's Day 2009

It's around mid-afternoon as I write this. It's been overcast and raining most of the day. We need the rain, and it wasn't heavy enough to keep me from grilling: so that's okay.

I went to church yesterday afternoon with #1 daughter, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Friday morning my wife and #3 daughter set out for the Red River Valley of the North, to visit my father. Also #2 daughter, my son-in-law-to-be, and my son. They returned Saturday evening. I'm told they had a very satisfactory visit.

I stayed here, with #1 daughter, to get caught up after being unable to update my blogs last week. I'm just about there, and should be entirely caught up some time late tomorrow.

Right after church yesterday, #1 daughter took her Cutco demonstration kit and kept an appointment she'd set up earlier. I read my wife's instructions, heated a pocket sandwich she's left, and had my supper.

#1 daughter came home quite a bit later - after which she ate and we watched a "Star Wars" animated series we enjoy, and a few episodes of the old "He Man and the Masters of the Universe" cartoon series. The original one.

In both cases, they're far from Shakespeare's league: but they're fun.

I stayed in this morning, giving #1 daughter and I a chance to watch another Bleach episode. We seem to be watching quite a few cartoons, now that I look back.

I grilled burgers - not incinerating them - and enjoyed the receipt of Father's Day greetings from my wife, #3 daughter, and #1 daughter. Also a DVD of "El Dorado" - yet another cartoon - and four skewers. The latter from #1 daughter. She opined that I might like to grill kebabs some time.

Sounds like a topping idea.

Which brings me up, more or less, to the present.

I've also cleaned and re-filled the hummingbird feeder, seen several hummingbirds (or perhaps the same one several times), and - not at all unimportantly - relaxed this weekend.

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