Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday Weren't Like Monday

#1 daughter made another sale yesterday, despite having one person call to re-schedule a sales call, and another simply not being there. She observed that the universe seemed to be conspiring to keep her at one sale per day. #3 daughter pointed out to her that she was making one sale each day - and so was doing quite well. #1 daughter perked up a bit at that.

#2 daughter and my son are still up in the Red River Valley of the North. We got a call today, around supper time, from #2 daughter. Things are going well up there - and my son-in-law-to-be discovered that he'll have to re-test to get a valid North Dakota driver's license. That won't be difficult, but it's one more thing that he has to do, that won't be (directly) helping him set up his business connections there, or get a food-on-the-table job for the immediate future.

Of course, being able to legally drive himself around will be a big boost.

Yesterday, #1 daughter showed me a charming little house she found, one of a set of buildings that started out as year-round cabins on Shady Lane, on the north side. She's jumping the gun a little, looking at a house before she's graduated. But, it was fun.

Today, #1 daughter took my wife and #2 daughter to see the place. I think the ladies had a good time. One of the good things about house-shopping is that you aren't expected to buy each place you look at.

#1 daughter's being quite sensible about the place. I think she'll find something more suitable, after she's graduated and gotten steady work. Much as I appreciate what she's doing with Cutco, I don't think she intends to stay in sales for very long.

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