Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday: Elementary School Graduation

#1 daughter made another sale today, and is spending the bulk of the evening in St. Cloud, dropping of forms and getting dinner as the company's guest - along with other sales people. I gather that Cutco puts quite a lot of emphasis on keeping their sales people's enthusiasm up. Smart, really.

#2 daughter and my son-in-law-to-be discussed wedding plans with #3 daughter and my wife. Actually, it was mostly #2 daughter doing the discussing with her sister and mother.

Sprocket apparently thinks we're okay. He'll accept all the attention we give him, and has rested next to the couch as my wife took her nap.

My son took Giol, #1 daughter's rabbit, for a walk after he came home from school. Sprocket wanted to join them but cooler heads prevailed. Sprocket would, I'm sure, be well-behaved enough: but Giol's a rabbit, with all the nervousness that's normal to his species.

Sprocket got a walk with my son soon after Giol was inside again.

I'll say this for having a rabbit and a dog in the house: some members of the family get many opportunities to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.

My son and the rest of the sixth graders had their graduation ceremony this evening. It was quite an affair: The elementary school choir sang, and my son was one of the soloists; we watched a slide show and reading based on "Is There Really a Human Race?" (Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell); awards for particularly good grades were handed out - my son got one of them (and yes, I'm a proud papa); we watched more slides, this time of the sixth graders as quite young youngsters and then as they are now; and, finally, the diplomas got handed out.

Also, inflatable balls.

The kids knew what those balls were for. Quite a number of them were chasing the balls across the back of the multipurpose gym, or whatever that outsized room is called. The room's just about the right size for energized kids to run off steam while family groups talk and take pictures.

I put a dozen photos of the ceremony and reception in today's Sauk Centre Journal entry.

Back to that book, "Is There a Human Race?" I gather that the answer is "yes." I think my favorite set of questions from the book was "Am I a jockey / or am I a horse?"

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