Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday: It's Been a Slow, Hectic, Day

First, more about Friday. I knew I'd left something out.

My son found the CD that came with the webcam I'd been using. He was quite pleased with doing so: it was in a container, behind a CD rack, at my desk. I'm a little embarrassed - but glad that he found it.

He also found out on Friday that a set of cables and connecting hardware he wanted to use, to connect a printer to his computer, was about twice as expensive as he had thought it was. So, he tried using the wireless Local Area Network that lets computers in the house connect to the Internet, as a connection to the printer. Later that day, he'd succeeded. 'That's my boy!'

Today was a gray, chilly, overcast Sunday. I didn't get out: I may be coming down with a cold, and didn't want to make the situation worse. I think that was a good idea.

As a result, I was able to see a streak by the feeder that #1 daughter identified as a hummingbird. She's been out on a sales call, and down to St. Cloud to file reports, back up to Alexandria to check on mail at her apartment, and back here. Even so, she's making enough money to pay for the gas, with more left over.

Friends of the family came a little after noon, and took my wife, my son, #2 daughter and #3 daughter out to eat. I stayed here. It was then that I saw the hummingbird/streak.

They visited for a while, went on their way, and after supper my wife, my son, and #2 daughter went to Soo Bahk Do class. I'm hoping to get back into that routine on Thursday. After they got back, I read Garfield and sang with my son.

#1 daughter got back here in time for the two of us to watch a "Bleach" episode together - we've gotten into the habit of watching that cartoon series together. It's a sort of fantasy-adventure serial. Hardly something to rival Shakespeare, but it's fun.

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