Monday, January 7, 2008

Epiphany Sunday: and Glad to be Home

I've had a good Sunday. The family went to church today: me, my wife and #3 daughter up with the choir, #1 daughter and our son in a pew.

Home again, by way of Coborns to pick up lemon juice and butter. My wife gave our son the money, and he went in for the supplies while I waited with the van. That gave me some time to listen to Minnesota Public Radio, and still leave room for a chat on the way to the grocery and back.

When the French fries were far enough along, I went out to grill the burgers. My technique is improving. After studying what happened while #2 daughter was watching me, I flipped the burgers a bit sooner than I would have. The results were better: This batch wasn't as crunchy as many.

This afternoon, #1 daughter chatted online, she and #3 daughter had fun taking pictures of each other, our son did something on his laptop, and I leaned back and enjoyed the show.

After supper, we were back to church for Vespers. That was a good way to wrap up the Christmas season.

I started going through photos I took while visiting my dad.

This is I-94 in Minnesota, between Sauk Centre and Moorhead. It's nice scenery. Nothing spectacular: low hills, little valleys where streams run, that sort of thing.

My father lives in the Red River Valley of the North: some of the flattest land on Earth.

The Red River Valley has gotten a lot more built-up than it was when I was young.

Some of those shelter belts were barely visible then.

It was good to get back home, to Sauk Centre.

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