Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday: Four Day Weekend, Day One

This is the start of a four day weekend: for our son, at least, as noted yesterday. My wife has declared Monday a normal (home) school day for #3 daughter.

This morning was off to an - interesting? - start as I was waking up.

The first thing I heard was the sound of our son carrying too many books at a time up the stairs. I didn't open my eyes, and so avoided seeing several volumes falling back down a few steps.

Down on the first floor, my wife told me I could sit where I usually do, to eat breakfast. She'd paint around me. I had started on the day's first meal when I felt her pushing against me, a rolling table, and the tray my breakfast was on.

I asked if I should move the tray. She said 'yes,' and pushed against me and the table. Since the table was touching the tray, the tray moved an inch or so to the east.

It's remarkable, how quickly a bowl of yogurt, a mug of tea, and a shot glass of assorted tablets and capsules can tip and fall. The couch is dry now, about 14 hours later.

Meanwhile, my wife got another dozen feet or so of living room wall painted.

Just before noon, going out to grill lunch, I noted a sort of alluvial fan of trash bags in front of the door from the garage, out to the grill. The proper disposal of those bags had been our son's responsibility. I went in, giving him room to work.

We don't usually have that much trash to deal with, but debris from the living room floor project has stretched the envelope of our waste-disposal routines.

He got the bags out of the way - except for one leaning against the door. And another that fell to the floor when I moved the one by the door.

At that point, I dropped one of the hamburger patties under the garage stairs. I went in to get a replacement, and told our son to recover the patty I dropped.

When I went back to the garage, our son was down by the rear of the van, about 12 feet from the steps.

Comparing notes later, I learned that our son, unable to locate the burger, went back to take care of some more trash bags. By the time that burger patty stopped bouncing, it was about the same color and texture as the rest of the floor.

My wife insisted on throwing it away.

It's been another cold day, but it was still fun to grill. And, I had a beautifully clear blue sky to enjoy.

Before supper, my wife sent me to Wal-Mart. Our son went along, to see if the 2008 Bionicles had arrived yet. They hadn't but we had a good trip together.

The highlight of the evening, for me, was hearing #3 daughter and our son in the north room, practicing a song for a dramatic piece they're doing with some cousins.

Which brings me up to date.

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