Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wednesday: Still Chill

It's still cool here in central Minnesota, although we're done with the below-zero air for now. The ladies were out this afternoon, picking up supplies, and told me that it felt cold. As soon as they came back, #3 daughter walked over to where I was sitting, took off her gloves, and warmed her hands on my head. they felt cold.

It was a pleasant sensation for me: and, I understand, for her. Apparently the top of my head makes a good hand-warmer. There are advantages to have a hairline that's working its way down the back of my head.

This evening our son and I went to Wal-Mart. I was picking up diabetic testing supplies, he was checking out the Bionicles, and we both had a good time, talking. We checked on his Bionicles first, then I went to the pharmacy. I had a few questions there, which led me to the Vision center, about a hundred feet over. Another conversation there gave me the information I needed. I also discovered a new line of cartoons, Mark Parisi's Off the Mark. That was a double bonus for me: I think they're funny, and they gave me something to write about on another blog, "Apathetic Lemming of the North."

We went back home after that. I wrapped up the paperwork for mailing a bulletin that I edit, relaxed a bit, read Garfield comics to our son, and started catching up on my writing.

I also discovered that my old 'flagship' website, "Brendan's Island," was offline. I don't know why. My hope is that there's something fixable going on at the hosting company, and that it'll be back up tomorrow.

I'll be getting some family business done tomorrow, and probably Friday and Saturday to. #2 daughter and I will be visiting my father, and getting some papers in order up there. He's got interstitial lung disease, and his lungs aren't getting oxygen in anywhere near as efficiently as they once did. He's moved into a medical facility in the North Dakota town he's been living near.

As long as I'm on dull topics, there's the matter of my eyes. During the 72-hour, ah, eating plan that happened to come at the same time I learned I've got diabetes, my eyes changed focus. In a way, it's good news: I'm not as nearsighted as I used to be. The problem is, my glasses don't work right now, and my vision isn't good enough to see distant objects clearly. Not very clearly, anyway.

I've been able to drive, because the 'close' lenses of my trifocals put the world in focus for me. Gives me a crick in the neck after a while, though.

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