Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday: Tomorrow, I Get to Grill!

I got a good night's sleep last night, but for some reason still feel tired. It could have something to do with night-before-last's triumph of deadlines over common sense.

Funny. I used to rebound from things like that a lot faster, back in the seventies.

My wife, #3 daughter, and our son were over at the Sauk Centre grandpa's this morning. He's started work on a punching bag for us. My wife intends to hang it in the basement, in place of the dummy she's got down there.

I spent part of the morning, preparing a bulletin for mailing: then got it to the Post Office this afternoon. We get another month of the current rates, and then up they go again. I collected the form I'll need month-after-next online.

I'm pretty sure more happened today, but I'm still a bit fuzzy.

Oh, right: Our son had the day off from school. End of quarter, or something like that. He observed that he's had a lot of long weekends lately.

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