Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday: A Little Snow, a Little Sun, A Little Exercise, and I'm Done

I got up this morning: three times. Looks like I'm still refreshing myself from that all-nighter last week.

Sauk Centre had a very light coat of snow on the ground this morning, which was gone before sunset.

Our son still isn't feeling well, neither is my wife and #3 daughter. I'm rather determined not to join them. I got back to the exercise place, Fitness Guru, this afternoon, after a rather protracted absence. The gal there had been about to call me, to see what was happening. I wasn't as radically out of shape as I'd feared, but intended to be unusually diligent about getting there for the rest of this month.

Let's see: I made a run to the bank, the post office, filled an LP gas cylinder for the grill, filled the van's tank. Also, got some work and writing done.

That's about it.

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