Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday: and Monday, Too

It snowed yesterday. Big, beautiful, white flakes of snow came down, slowly, all day. It's melting again today, but we had a winter reprise for a while.

Our son brought fruit snacks to share at school, to celebrate his birthday. I'm told that some of the kids like them, some didn't.

I slept for much of the morning yesterday, catching up from a weekend of work and family get-together. I still feel rather, well, relaxed.

Today about the same, except I didn't oversleep. Our son went to school and returned, #3 daughter did her studies here at home, my wife talked with #2 daughter on the phone, I got a bulletin to the printers, helped that small publishing company I worked for with their website, picked up 2007 medication records for the April 15, and realized that I have to get the 2007 business expenses put together. I've got the information: it's just not organized.

On the positive side, I don't have to wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow morning.

One of our neighbors came over this afternoon. Apparently, I've got a fan or two. Her husband and mother like my "Brendan's Island" website: particularly "Sauk Centre Journal" and the webcam that looks out on the street. She wanted the URLs, so I wrote them down on the handiest thing around: a (clean) Styrofoam plate, left over from the family get-together.

There's a school referendum vote coming up later this month, and we got a call from someone, talking about the issue: one of these calling campaigns. She asked me how I would vote. I hemmed and hawed a bit, so she prompted me by suggesting that I might be undecided. I replied with something like, 'well, undecided sounds classier than clueless, so I'll go with that.'

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