Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday: Age of the Bachelors, Second and Final Day

Our son and I have had a fine time together, while the ladies went off a-visiting.

We've fixed meals (more or less on time), using the detailed instructions left by my wife - and the prepared food she left behind. And, we maintained the household maintenance schedule, for the most part.

The two of us walked to Wal-Mart this morning. It's about a half mile south of where we live. Our son explained that he'd found am MP3 player in his price range there, and had earned enough money to buy it.

Fair enough. We got a good walk, and a good talk, out of it, and stopped by Coborn's on the way back to pick up some groceries that we needed.

It was a beautiful day for that sort of an outing, too.

Our son fixed the French fries this noon, and did a pretty good job of it. They were a little less than fully done, but quite edible.

I got a little writing and other work done in the afternoon, as well as a sort of nap.

Our son spent some time on the other computer, and quite a bit of time outside. With his new MP3 player, of course.

I joined him for a while, after supper, and we had a pretty good talk while playing catch - topics ranging from mosquitoes and gnats to space aliens and why other planets exist. That was fun.

The two of us were inside, when my wife and #3 daughter returned home. They arrived about 24 hours before I expected them back. The ladies had decided that it would be better to come straight back, instead of leaving a van full of interesting-looking, if not particularly valuable, stuff out on display overnight. And, they were getting a bit pooped, I gather.

It's good to have more of the family under this roof again, although our son and I enjoyed our time with the place to ourselves.

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