Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday: Beautiful Day; and I Got Something Done

#1 daughter came to visit, but mostly to sort and shelve books in the attic. My wife and #3 daughter went to their music lessons this morning and afternoon, and spent some time with the Sauk Centre grandpa.

#2 daughter called, had my wife call her back (on our much less expensive service), and talked for quite a while. Mostly about school and boys, I gather. #3 daughter and #2 daughter had about an hour's talk after that. Thank goodness, my wife found a long-distance plan that's fairly inexpensive - and has a flat rate.

I got to the exercise place again, read Garfield with our son, talked a bit with him, and had a talk with #1 daughter while she was here, too.

And, I got some work done. A good day.

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