Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday: Beautiful Day with Ducks

I got my tax information together, sorted, counted, and printed. When my wife came down this morning, she found me hard at work at the computer. I explained that she'd told me that we needed the report ready this morning.

From the way she rolled her eyes, I don't think she was all that impressed.

I haven't pulled an all-nighter in decades. I don't recommend it.

It did give me some remarkable sensations, though. This morning, after sunrise, my teeth felt heavy, and I could feel the weight of my cheeks. Fascinating!

My wife and I went to the clinic for checkups around midmorning. Routine stuff, except that in my case it was to see how my diabetes is doing. The doctor says that most people do as badly at controlling sugar levels and all that at this point, as I have.

That's a comforting thought, sort of.

Also, I lost five pounds. Not bad.

I slept through most of the afternoon, and intend to start catching up now.

Hold it! I nearly forgot the ducks.

It's a beautiful day, which might explain why I saw a duck and a drake strolling across a street downtown, around noon.

It won't be too long, before love-struck ducks will be a traffic hazard near the lake.

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