Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday: A Day of Rest - and Grilling - and More Rest

I had a relaxed morning, punctuated by #1 daughter's waking me with the news that she had come to visit for the day, and going to church.

Then it was grilling while talking with #1 daughter. She sensibly stood in the garage back doorway. I was out there in the intermittent light rain. Very intermittent, and very light.

After lunch, #1 daughter and #3 daughter were engrossed with something online, my wife and our son were resting, and I felt relaxed myself, so I started a nap, too. I remember #1 daughter letting me know that she was leaving, but not much else between lying down and supper time.

It was a good day for napping. The rain picked up to a steady drizzle, making a restful sound on the roof. Cars driving by made a now-and-again swoosh outside.

My wife, our son, and #3 daughter are still under the weather. Much as I approve of families sharing experiences, I'd just as soon miss this one.

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