Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday: Summer, Finally

Our son told me that it was nearly eighty this afternoon. I believe him: it was more than comfortably warm when I went to Fitness Guru this afternoon. I found out how to use two more of the machines. If this keeps up, I'll actually be getting into reasonable shape.

That's the idea, of course.

Being Wednesday, my wife and #3 daughter had music lessons: one in the morning, one in the afternoon. I forget whose is which.

I see I forgot to mention the tick yesterday. #3 daughter asked me for some help yesterday evening. She had a tick on a sheet of paper, and was standing by the stove. My wife had told her to burn the thing on one of the burners. #3 daughter had the back-right-hand burner on, and red hot.

She'd realized that, if she put the paper anywhere near the burner, it would burst into flame. And, that a sheet of flaming paper wouldn't be a good thing to have in the kitchen. I asked her for a tongs, which she provided. I grasped the tick, and had almost gotten it to the surface of one of the coils, when I dropped it: through a gap between two of the coils, into the pan below. I was wondering how to get the thing out before it crawled into the innards of the stove, when I heard a sharp "POP!" and saw something fly out of the burner pan and onto the stove top. It was the tick, now deceased.

#3 daughter must have been really concerned about that tick. Instead of reacting to the unpleasantness of the situation, she thanked me.

#1 daughter came over this morning, bringing her rabbit Giol with her. She set up an area of the living room where he could walk (hop?) around. The reason for her visit was to sort out something with her bank account: which she did. She also got in some good talking with me, #3 daughter, and our son.

After #1 daughter returned to Alexandria, we went through the usual routines, ending with reading Garfield with our son.

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