Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday: Catching up, again

Tuesdays seem to be a challenging day for me. I'm getting caught up, again.

Actually, after this post, I will be caught up.

The day was beautiful, again. I didn't take a walk, though. I'm stiff and a bit sore around the lumbar region: probably because of that long, long walk I took yesterday. I don't regret the walk: But the next one I take will be a little shorter, I think.

I did, however, go to Fitness Guru, that exercise place. And, got some writing done.

Our son came back from school at the usual time today. He told me that his classmates have been talking about the Ash Street project - which gave him an opportunity to say that he lives on Ash Street. That seems to give him some notoriety, for the moment.

#2 daughter had her talk with #3 daughter and my wife again today. And, as a sort of treat, I got to talk to #1 daughter when she called. We had quite a log conversation before she noted that I sounded like I needed sleep. She's right, I think.

So, with that in mind: Goodnight.

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