Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday: That's Better

Our son is feeling better: well enough so that he's slated for return to school tomorrow. That's good news. My wife and #3 daughter seem to be improving, too. Me? I'm not sure. I've been back to the exercise place two days in a row now, despite feeling distinctly wimpy on the way over today.

The weather might have something to do with that: Gray, dark, distinctly not the sort of day shown in Chamber of Commerce brochures.

Caution: the next paragraph contains moderately disgusting medical details. Good news, but still moderately disgusting.

I got information from blood and other tests back. Apparently, I'm getting my glucose levels closer to what's healthy. Not there, yet: but going in the right direction. That, and the fact that I lost five pounds over the last three months. Incredible! More good news: my kidneys haven't been damaged. That's really good news.

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