Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday: Grilling, a Long Nap, and Family Ills

That snow we were supposed to get went north of us. I'm not disappointed. There was enough wind to keep life interesting here, though.

While I grilled lunch this noon, the occasional tongue of flame came out the bottom of the grill, and headed my way. No problem, though: I just had to remember to stand a tad farther back than usual.

The burgers came out pretty well this time. I think I'm getting the knack for not burning them again. Of course, as it gets warmer, I'll have to re-learn everything. On the positive side, it keeps grilling from becoming routine.

I napped for most of the afternoon: still catching up from that zero-sleep night, it seems.

Despite that, I'm the only member of the immediate family here in Sauk Centre who's feeling well. My wife, our son, and #3 daughter are under the weather: although at different depths. I spent some quality time with our son this evening, helping him clean out a bucked he'd thrown up into. I hope he's feeling better in the morning.

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