Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday: Back to School, and a Little Spring

I hear on the weather that there's a winter storm advisory out for most of Minnesota, starting 1:00 tomorrow, and running until Saturday morning. Probably starting with rain and snow.

I'm glad I enjoyed being outside for a while today.

Our son was back to school today, and I think my wife and #3 daughter are in better fettle. #1 daughter came over for most of the day: she'd been asked to do more organizing in the attic. She got my science fiction and fantasy books shelved: and asked me if I knew how many anthologies I had. I understand her feeling: I preferred to get collections of short stories, rather than buy a whole magazine for one story.

#1 daughter brought her rabbit, Giol, along with her. That was a treat, for me anyway. Our son likes the rabbit too. Giol likes to nap behind the couch, and under the chair I use in the living room. It's a bit of a treat, feeling his whiskers when he sniffs my feet.

The light in the living room floor lamp burned out when I turned it on today. Later, when our son had brought a pack of light bulbs, he asked me why they were so hard to get out of the pack. I explained that light bulbs were fragile, and rhetorically asked what he though would happen, if a light bulb fell to the floor.

Then, I neatly dropped the spent light bulb from the floor lamp onto the floor.

It popped, making a rather neat pile of shattered glass. right by my bare feet. I practiced standing very still, while members of the family barricaded Giol at the other end of the room. My wife proceeded to the kitchen, returning with a broom and dust pan.

I didn't think until later about the implications of that. First they take care of the rabbit. Then me.

I got to the exercise place again today: I'm getting back to where I was before that sick spell much more rapidly than I thought I would.

Tomorrow will be interesting. My father-in-law, the Sauk Centre grandpa, is going in for one of his carpal tunnel surgeries tomorrow, so my wife and #3 daughter will be over at his place, minding the shop. My wife tells me that she'll leave me something to eat at noon.

Apparently, his knee will wait. He's having almost as interesting a time with surgical procedures this year, as I was having back in 2006.


Selly said...

LOVE the bunny! BUNNY!


Sorry about that. Anything cute and fluffy makes me go crazy.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...


No problem. At least two members of this family react that way, too.

I hope that I'll have more photo ops with Giol. He's a cute rabbit - and seems to be fond of sitting under my chair.

PussDaddy said...

What a cute bunny!

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