Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday: It's Been a Good Day

Our son was out again today, shoveling: including the area in front of the grill. That was a nice surprise, when I went out to grill burgers for lunch.

I had company while I was out there. Quite a number of birds were in the trees and bushes, keeping at a discreet distance, but quite audible.

There wasn't all that much unusual to report today, aside from a Currier-and-Ives-style coating of snow in mid-April. I talked a little with our son, #3 daughter, and my wife. #1 daughter called: she's got what sounds like a cold. My wife gave her good advice: including 'don't come to Sauk Centre tomorrow.' I'll miss having her around, but it's a good idea. #2 daughter called, too, and had a good talk with my wife about college, boys, and whatever else those two talk about. I even had a few words with her, myself.

Supper, evening routines, and the reading of Garfield followed. Our son and I finished the Garfield book we'd been reading, so we'll be starting another tomorrow.

All in all, a good day.


Z said...

Hi, AKA! Do you know how beautiful the snow looks to a California girl who's spent the day in 90 degree heat and just took a dip in the pool? I long for cool weather. My friends walk around basking in the sunshine and there I am saying "I like rain."
We're cooling down here soon, supposedly, but I loved seeing your snow. Thanks!
And thanks for being at my blog. I'm going to enjoy checking all of yours out! Z

Brian H. Gill said...


I may have a slight idea how beautiful that snow looks: I lived in San Francisco, back in the seventies. Beautiful city, monotonous weather.

One of the charms Minnesota has for me is the variety of weather.

And the unpredictability.

Thanks for stopping by - and hope you do enjoy the other blogs.

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