Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday: Springtime in Minnesota, the Sequel

There was almost a half-foot of snow on the ground this morning.

I had to shovel a spot in front of the grill, before fixing lunch today. While moving the snow around, I discovered that it was almost perfect for snowballs and snowmen.

I made a small snowman, about nine inches tall, while grilling lunch: setting it on one of the grill's shelves. It didn't last through grilling the burgers, but it was fun to make.

My wife and #3 daughter were at my father-in-law's shop this morning, while he was out of town. He made it back safely, for which I'm grateful. Interstate 94 was closed, from Osakis to Fargo, for part of the afternoon today.

Our son had instructions for starting the French fries. He went through the whole process without prompting: and they came out pretty well.

I grilled the burgers without scorching them: demonstrating that it can be done. It'll be more impressive, if I manage to do the same tomorrow, too.

At #3 daughter's urging, we watched a movie called "Game Plan" today. Pretty good: about a football star adjusting to a pre-teen daughter he didn't know he had. It's a familiar-enough plot, but the show was well done.

Supper, evening routines, and reading Garfield with our son wrapped up the day.

Something we've got to look forward to, starting next week, is the Ash Street Project. There's a lot of work to be done. Street crews started putting signs up Thursday of this week.

A crew from public utilities came around, checking our sewer, about 10 days ago.

Happily, there wasn't snow on the ground then.


piebuko said...

Do you remember the days when spring means flowers, birds, and green green grass? :)
When was that? Let's see, last year? heee..
We had no rain last year. The country was worried that we'd be losing tap water.
This year, it's raining and raining and raining.
and it's summer here.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...


Thank you for your comment.

Actually, this is a fairly normal Minnesota spring. Here, near the center of the North American continent, "spring" is more the season when winter melts, than the flowers-and-birds celebration that some places get.

And, any season here is going to have heat, cold, wet, dry, calm, storm - in fairly unpredictable combinations.

I like it here: it's not boring.

I hope that your part of the world isn't having trouble dealing with rain, after drought. Around here, flooding and erosion usually happen in weather like you're describing.

Thanks for sharing!

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