Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Catching Up: Saturday, March 1, 2008

#2 daughter and I visited my father in the morning - some other folks were there before us. He's been getting a lot of visitors lately.

I asked people at the nursing home if I could get Internet access for a few minutes. They're nice folks, there. I made a very brief update on the two blogs I update daily, and then signed off: I'd said 'just a few minutes,' and wanted to have that be accurate.

Around noon, #2 daughter fixed the two of us a good meal. Then she recommended that I take a nap. This, despite a good 9 hours of sleep that I'd gotten. She whistled me awake just after 5:00. Looks like I needed that nap.

#2 daughter had visited my father while I napped: and I gather that the two of them had a good talk. I'm told that they mostly went through bills which had accumulated, and other paperwork.

After supper, #2 daughter and I watched "Federal Marshals." #2 daughter likes Tommy Lee Jones.

Observing clouds and a chance of snow, #2 daughter expressed the remote hope of being snowed in, and so not having to be back to college on Monday. Flattering: She prefers my company to college classes.

My wife called - talked with #2 daughter, although she did ask after me.

After supper, #2 daughter went through more boxes, while we talked. Then, another music lesson. I'm starting to learn chords, major-minor 7ths, and that sort of thing. What's amazing is that I'm actually retaining some of it.

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