Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday: Good Friday

Our son had an unpleasant surprise this morning. When he tried to log into his user on the main computer, it wouldn't respond. He's computer-savvy, so he restarted the thing, and got in. He thought I might have blocked access: we'd had a conversation last night, about what he is, and isn't allowed to do on the computer.

He had another interesting experience with the computer earlier this week. My wife has been re-arranging things in the north room, and accidentally shut off the surge protector that serves the main computer. No harm done, happily. Our son asked her to be very sure to tell me that she was the one who cut power.

Since it's Good Friday, the family went to church at noon. Or, rather, we planned to. My wife and #3 daughter were under the weather, and prudently decided to stay home. It was snowing, just above freezing: weather more closely associated with Christmas than Easter. But, that's Minnesota: weather that's anything but boring.

Each year, I get something more out of the dramatic dialog that makes up a large part of the service. This year, the conversation between Pilate and Jesus caught my attention.

After the three of us got back home, our son tried to call a friend of his. His hope was to have him come over, but all he got was the voice mail. He took the disappointment rather well. It didn't hurt, that he had two of his three sisters around.

He found something else to be upbeat about, too. #2 daughter has to get back to college Monday. His Easter break lasts longer than that. As he told us this evening, about the time that's passed since the break started: "I finally had a longer weekend than a college student."

#2 daughter and #3 daughter spent quite a bit of the day talking, and reading a book that #3 daughter is writing.

I spent most of my time working on a 3D modeling project. It's starting to be recognizable, which is progress.

As usual, I read "Garfield" with our son tonight. He was in a puckish mood, and hid the book behind me, in the chair I sat in.

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