Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday: Good Morning at Noon

My fever had gone below 100 over the weekend. Now, it's back up.

That would explain the way I feel, and why I slept until about 11:20. I don't suppose I can blame this on Monday.

I'll be back later.

One more thing: It's snowing. And, this would be St. Patrick's Day, except that it's also Holy Monday: so St. Patrick's Day happened on the 15th this year.

It kept snowing through the day: probably off and on, since there isn't much of an accumulation. About the only effect is that Sauk Centre's landscape has been touched up.

My wife and #3 daughter went to choir practice tonight. With the bug I'm playing host to, it didn't seem prudent for me to go. So, our son and I had some time with the house to ourselves. He spent part of the time practicing on an old electric typewriter. Apparently he has a typing class at school.

#1 daughter called, letting us know that there was a documentary on the Irish in America on the History Channel. Actually, she talked to my son. Then she called again, to make sure that the message had gotten through. It had, and the documentary was good viewing.

Now I've learned one of the distinctions among the Irish in America:
  • Scots-Irish Presbyterian / moderately-to-well-educated
  • Irish Catholic / barely educated at all
I've got a personal interest in this: Besides Norwegian, I've got Irish and Scots-Irish ancestry.

Some of my forebears don't seem to have believed in doing things the culturally-approved way.

For example, one of my ancestors made a famous-in-the-family remark. When a friend of hers had asked about the family of a young man who had shown an interest in her daughter, she explained that "he doesn't have family: he's Irish."

My wife and #2 daughter had a good talk this evening, quite a bit of it was about #2 daughter's roommate, I gather.

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