Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday: Fever's Down (Sort of), Our Son's Growing Up

Our son reported that his voice has shifted from "soprano" to "tenor," according to something that happened at school. I believe it. His voice has been going down, the top of his head has been going up, at an almost visible rate recently. His fingers are longer than mine: He measured his against mine recently.

#1 daughter was over for most of the day, getting books organized in the attic. I’ve been helping: mostly in an advisory capacity.

#2 daughter had a long talk with my wife today. Twice, I think. I gather that she and a young man she's been corresponding with experienced a change in their relationship.

One possibility is that he found out what the weather in Minnesota is really like.

I'm sure that other things happened today, but all I remember at the moment is that our son and I read Garfield again, before bedtime.

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