Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday: Maundy Thursday, That is

It's been another good day. I got some work done, had opportunities to hear #2 daughter and #3 daughter talking, and went to church with the family.

I've assumed a few more household duties lately: sweeping and "Swiffering." It's already having an effect on my perceptions. Today, seeing some stuff tracked in from the back door, "I just swept that floor clean!" popped into my mind.

Yep, I'd say that could use a little cleaning.

My wife told me that it was time to clean an 'air purifier' (ozone-maker, actually) we have. I waited until she and #3 daughter were out of the house for a while, before doing the job. It involves ammonia: and they don't appreciate that odor.

It's amazing, how fast a floor needs cleaning again. Five people in the house, one of them a pre-teen boy, probably have something to do with that.

Springtime in Minnesota: Pretty, but not what most people imagine when they think "spring."

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