Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday: Holy Saturday, and Grilling Lunch

And, a surprise visit from #1 daughter. She showed up this afternoon, a little after 5:00. A ride from someone in Alexandria gave her an opportunity to spend time with us until a little after lunch tomorrow.

I spent a relaxed morning, reading, and writing.

I grilled lunch, after shoveling out the pavement in front of the grill. The burgers came out less singed today. After lunch, I wrapped up what I was writing, took a nap, and went out to check out a 'photo op' that #3 daughter had told me about. She, #2 daughter, and my wife were out this morning, shopping.

My wife is getting a little ahead on food acquisition, to take advantage of Coborn's Easter season 'ham card' promotion. I think we'll be getting three hams this year, but I lost count. My wife would know.

After #1 daughter showed up, our son talked her into playing "Mousetrap" with him. It's been a recurring favorite in the family. I've got to admit that I enjoy watching the Rube Goldbergish contraption get assembled, and finally used.

My wife, #2 daughter, and #3 daughter, went to the Easter Vigil tonight. I stayed home with our son. And #1 daughter. I'm not convinced that I'm over that bug.

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