Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wednesday: Data Entry, Music Lessons, and a Rabbit

My wife and #3 daughter were off for most of the morning, learning to play violin (my wife), and getting groceries (both of the ladies). They may have visited the Sauk Centre grandpa, too.

Our son stayed home today: fever and a few other symptoms. There's a lot of that going around. I talked with someone who has been feeling okay for a few days, sick for a few days, and so on, for weeks. Most of the people who have it seem to have, ah, intestinal complaints. Unpleasant.

#1 daughter showed up this morning, as expected. She came over to help with data entry for that project I'm doing. She also brought Giol, her pet rabbit. He's a big thing, with the coloration of a wild rabbit and the big floppy ears of one some domesticated breed.

It took him a few hours to get used to the place, and us, but I think he's adjusted.

By late afternoon, he was relaxed enough to stretch out by the back door.

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