Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday: Birthday, Grilling, and Minnesota Spring

So far, it's been a pretty good day.

#1 daughter is here, ready to celebrate her birthday and organize books in the attic.

She talked with me while I grilled lunch.

And, earlier this morning, I spilled quite a bit of apple juice on my right foot.
#1 daughter's birthday cake fell in the baking, creating a confection with a remarkable texture and taste. I liked it. It was gluten-free, so that #1 daughter could eat it. That might have something to do with its fall, and its taste.

I walked into the north room while getting ready to grill lunch, turned, and noticed smoke pouring out of the stove. That explained why my wife had the "exhaust" fan going. The smoke was winning. I got a window and a door open, #1 daughter opened another window, and started fanning the smoke detector. That way, it only screamed occasionally.

The smoke cleared, eventually. I'm told it was from soup that had spilled the other day. It gave the french fries that were in the stove a unique taste. I liked it, our son said they tasted like pancakes, but #3 daughter didn't like the taste.

Our son followed #1 daughter around this afternoon, until the two of them went to the basement and returned with a Go game. #1 daughter tried to figure out the rules, I think our son would have been happy to just play it, and make up rules as they went along.

#1 daughter and I got some talking done, too. And she helped me with a project I'm working on. She came up with a logo for S. Park's Computers, a fictional computer shop.

We gave #1 daughter her presents: a soap dispenser shaped like an old kerosene lantern, a bookmark, and an old book in Norwegian. The latter is a family item we brought back from the farm. I think she liked them: 'it's the thought that counts.'

Our son, #1 daughter, and I, went to Wal-Mart this afternoon. I picked up another bottle of test strips for my finger-pricking, #1 daughter and our son picked up a battery for his new-to-him digital organizer, and he bought a new Bionicle.

Our son got the Bionicle assembled before the afternoon was done, and has learned how to work several functions of the organizer. There's still data on it, telephone numbers for the most part: a surprise to both of us.

The family, minus #2 daughter, who's coming home next week for a few days, went to church this late afternoon: we're doing Palm Sunday a little early, to fill seats in the choir.

Later, after supper, our son and I read Garfield, and sang a song that the family calls "Bee Bye Boh." That's a nice family tradition.

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