Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday: A Day of Rest and Grilling

My wife gave me a glass full of something green this morning. It has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day: it's blue-green algae, in water: an all-round good-for-you drink. The taste is okay, too.

I grilled lunch again today: always a pleasant task. I think I did better this time. The burgers were only charred around the edges.

This was a relaxed, laid-back day. I noodled around in some old records of mine, wrote a little, read a little, and got re-acquainted with some software that I'd been ignoring. We got calls from #2 daughter and #1 daughter. Toward the end of the evening, I had a chance to talk to both.

#3 daughter, my wife, and our son went to Soo Bahk Do class again tonight. He's not willing to put on enough winter clothing. Granted, at about 38, it's practically balmy for the season: but we don't want him catching another cold.

And so the weekend ends.

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