Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday: A Busy One

Our son had a friend over today, for most of the afternoon. Those two had a good time, and a noisy one. Since family members are helping me get a somewhat-rushed information processing job done, the two boys were banished to the basement.

A little after that, there was an impressive crash. They'd fallen into, off of, or onto a ping-pong table. I didn't find out exactly which. They're okay, and so is the table. That last is good, since we're giving it away - and I'd just as soon have it in one piece when it gets picked up.

#2 daughter spent her last full day here. She'll be going back to college tomorrow morning.

I spent part of the afternoon where I'd worked for 20 years. Today, I did some makee-learnee: teaching how to make changes on a website. Then it was off to Melrose, some ten miles up the road, for what should have been a quick stop, picking up medications. I don't know why, but the clinic kept me there for the rest of the afternoon. Oh, well: it was a wonderful opportunity to practice patience.

The rest of the evening was pretty routine, apart from data entry dominating the activities. Our son and I read Garfield, as usual, of course. He asked me what "reciprocation" means: the word was used in one of the strips.

That's one of the things I like about the "Garfield" reading. It guarantees that, at least once a day, our son and I will set down, do something together, and maybe talk.

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