Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday: A Birthday

Our son had his 12th birthday today. He reminded me, several times, that in a year he'd be a teenager. One of his presents, a set of clothing and pads for Soo Bahk Do, was already too small for him. The boy has been growing quite a bit lately. He's still an inch or so shorter than I am, but that could change soon: in a month, at the rate he's gone at times.

Singing "Happy Birthday" this morning, and again this evening when he got the cake, blowing out candles: it was a good celebration.

I "Swiffered" and swept the floors again today. It's amazing, how much stuff accumulates. Now, at the tail end of the day, tomorrow's installment of fluff and grit is already in place.

#2 daughter checked in by phone, letting us know she'd arrived at college in good condition. That was a bit of a relief. There's no great reason for concern, but I'm a dad: I worry. So does my wife, I think.

#3 daughter took over part of a date-entry-and-analysis job I've got. It's the one that I have about half the time to work on as I expected. Between my efforts, and those of my kids, we'll make the deadline. I trust.

The day ended with me and our son reading "Garfield." As usual.

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