Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday: Easter Sunday, 2008

This has been a good day. I went to church with our son and #1 daughter, sang with the choir, returned to grill lunch, and took a nap. After eating, of course.

#1 daughter, and her two sisters, and our son, spent part of the afternoon practicing a play that they'll be doing with cousins at next week's family get-together.

I still have trouble believing that my wife is actually hosting (hostessing?) that event here. It's going to be exciting. We have a motion detector ready to be set up on the attic stairs, to discourage the younger set from exploring up there.

#1 daughter woke me up, to say 'good bye,' when she left, about 3:00. A bit after that, I sauntered downstairs, enjoyed being with the family, and said "goodbye" as they left for Soo Bahk Do class.

That gave me the evening to myself. I worked on a blog post, and another project, goofed off a bit, and after some time they returned.

Our son and I read Garfield, of course, before he went to bed. We've starting another book tonight: the ninth one. We skipped from #8 to #10 before, because we hadn't been able to find #9. Our son and #1 daughter have been particularly fond of "Garfield," I seem to remember. More so than the other kids.

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