Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday: Of Books, Music, and a Rabbit

#1 daughter came to Sauk Centre today, to help organize books in the attic. I haven't been up there since she left, but my educated guess is that she sorted and shelved in the neighborhood of three shelf-feet of books. Maybe more.

Our son is a happy camper. He and a friend of his have been trying to set up a time when the friend can come over here for about a month. Today, they set up a meeting for tomorrow, after school. I'm not entirely clear on why it took so long to do.

#3 daughter and my wife went to my wife's violin lesson this morning, and to the Sauk Centre grandpa's for a visit this morning. #3 daughter's guitar lesson didn't happen, since she's done something to her wrist. We're dealing with it, but it's not in shape for guitar playing. She's not happy about the situation.

#1 daughter called me tonight, after phone calls between #2 daughter and my wife, and #3 daughter and #1 daughter were over. #1 daughter had something to tell me about her rabbit.

The creature is named "Geol," is a domestic/wild mix, and seems to be a very appealing fur ball. Tonight, #1 daughter told me that Geol had moved an inside fence she's been using to contain him: enough for him to get through. She's re-arranged the fence, but is impressed by Geol's presumed intelligence.


Brigid said...

Edit: The correct spelling is "Giol." The "Geol" spelling would most likely produce a 'j' sound rather than a hard 'g' at the beginning.


Brian H. Gill said...


Thanks: and, you're right!

Giol. Giol. I'll try to remember it.

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