Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday: Minding the Shop, the Flu, and Rain

My wife and #3 daughter spent most of the day at my father-in-law's, minding the shop while he was away. We know why his hands are hurting so much now: he's got carpal tunnel syndrome, and needs surgery.

Dealing with carpal tunnel problems is part of of what kept me occupied, back in 2006. If all goes well, he's in for at least several weeks of being careful during recovery.

In my case, getting a working sense of touch back took a bit longer than usual. I can feel all five digits in my left hand now. My right hand's thumb and first two fingers still feel as if I'd been sleeping on them: which is quite an improvement. It's a good thing I learned the mis-named "touch typing" skill back in the sixties. After decades of using keyboards, I know where to put my fingers without having to feel the keys.

Enough of that.

Our son's school photos came back today. The proofs look pretty good. We gave him a choice, and he chose the cost-effective 12-small-photo set, if my memory serves.

#1 daughter was here until just before supper, talking with me and (more practically) getting the attic organized. She agreed with me, when I said that I might not recognize the place.

Under my wife's direction, #1 daughter and our son got a computer hutch moved from the north room, down to the basement. parts of it were a tight fit, going around the corner between the kitchen and the living room. My wife's setting up a work station down there, I understand.

It's been a warm (for March) day. I'm in what I hope are the final stages of shaking off that bug, so I stayed in. Probably just as well: It rained rather enthusiastically around supper time.

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